Your PhD thesis as mobile App
Save costs, trees and add interactivity to your PhD thesis.
Why a ThesisApp?
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Why a ThesisApp?


By using an App instead of printing on paper you save trees, you reduce your carbon footprint and you contribute to a sustainable world.

All our services run on green and sustainable servers and our office is paperless.

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Save costs

An App will save you printing and shipping costs. Printing your PhD thesis costs approximately €2000-3500 depending on number of copies and additional options; an App costs only €675.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay for shipping costs since the App can be freely distributed online, unlimited and world-wide.

In addition, an App offers additional sponsor opportunities to get your PhD defense funded.


An App allows you to incorporate lots of interactive elements such as videos, animations, question forms and GPS navigation to ceremony and reception.

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Incorporate professional social media networks in your App such as LinkedIn, ResearchGate and Google Scholar and science networks like PubMed.

In this way you can share references and articles. You engage your professional network, which is also useful after you finish your PhD. Your ThesisApp is your digital business card.




for Universities, Institutes, Departments and Foundations


  • Sustainable
  • Paperless office
  • Marketing tool for Institute or Department
  • Volume discount
  • Reduction of shipping costs
  • All PhD Theses readily available in 1 place

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